List of the pre-conference workshops

November 26-30th Uro-oncology workshop

Venue : KFH

Participant : Urologists urology residents

Person in charge : Umurangwa Florence & Ngendahayo Edouard

4-12-2018 WHO Trauma registries course by COSECSA


Participant : 2 representatives per each COSECSA country

Person in charge : JC Byiringiro

3-12-2018 Pediatric surgery course

Venue : CHUK

Participant : 16-20participants 9surgeons, residents and med students

Person in charge : Dr Ntaganda Edmond

3 & 4-12-2018 Trauma, evaluation and management course by American association for trauma(TEAM)

Venue : CHUK Simulation Centre

Participant : Medical students, Residents& surgeons) Day1: training of trainers (16-20) Day2: residents +med.students(N=32)

Person in charge : Dr Ntakiyiruta Georges & Mpirimbanyi C

November 26-30th Laparoscopy course

Venue : CHUK

Participant : (Residents &surgeons)

Person in charge : Dr Nyundo Martin

December 8th 2018 Research Course

Venue : ONOMO Hotel/KCC

Participant : Junior faculty, Fellows, Residents: 3 representatives/COSECSA country. Additional participants 5$ residents, 10$ fellows/faculty

Person in charge : Mpirimbanyi and Jennifer R

6th December Basic Science Curriculum Training COSECSA 2018

Venue : KCC Room AD 10 17:30 – 19:30

Participant : COSECSA Basic science Trainers MCS FCS Trainers

Person in charge : Russ White & Katherine Hill

4-12-2018 SAFE OR

Venue : RMH simulation centre

Participant : Anesthetists,Surgeons,OBGYNs,Nurses,

Person in charge : Dr Paulin Banguti & Dr Fidele Byiringiro

5-12-2015 Manuscript writing and paper review

Venue : KCC

Participant : Surgeons, Residents, Medical students Health related researchers

Person in charge : Dr Mpirimbanyi Christophe

29th November Orthopedic fracture management

Venue : Nobleza Hotel

Person in charge : Dr Bukara Emmanuel