Miarakap is regularly considered as the "first impact investment fund dedicated to the financing and supporting of SMEs and start-ups based in Madagascar. This was officially launched on 9th February, in the Malagasy capital - Antannanarivo with all the shareholders who partly provisioned financially  this investment fund. Its capacity of financement of this venture capital organisation, held by Emmanuel Cotsoyannis  is estimated at $3,6 million. This inititiave is also supported by a group of private investors including the society of private equity  Investor & Partner and the Monegasque Cooperation. Miarakap's mission aims to support the development of a dynamic and sustainable economic fabric by promoting entrepreneurial spirit and financing the most dynamic SMEs with an adapted financing and individual support to enable them to realize their growth projects. "Miarakap is aimed at SMEs and start-ups with high growth potential from all sectors of activity and regions of Madagascar, whose financing needs range between  $18 000 and $315 000, "explains Emmanuel Cotsoyannis, co-founder of Miarakap. For the next ten years, Miarakap's ambition is to invest almost $10 million in order to finance 40

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