Career Advising

Interchange Learning fields a team who is aware of the logistics your professional development initiative needs. Having studied in the US and established his career in Rwanda, Managing Director Yves Iradukunda has capitalized on his unique background and experience to develop a career guidance experience that is tailored for effectiveness.

To date, he has offered guidance to over 150 Rwandan and international youth going on to work at firms such as Visa, Rwandair, Marriott, and Atlas Mara. With Interchange Learning, you are in a position to transcend institutional divides with programming that supports your vision.​

    Your Career Advising program may benefit from the following initiatives:
  • Profile development (personality assessment, CV writing, etc.)
  • One-on-one career counseling and mentorship
  • Facilitation of guest speaker engagements and industry insight visits
  • Placement for job shadowing and internships


The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

Alvin Toffler

Interchange Learning recognizes that learning is a vital process that should permeate the walls of classrooms. A part of every training experience is not just content, but reinforcing how an individual learner can learn most efficiently. Unlike most traditional professional development schemes, we offer training in professional and 21st century skills before, during, and after university studies.

Professional Training

Rwanda’s fast pace growth offers a fertile ground for research initiatives. Interchange Learning aims to concentrate existing research efforts and support researchers in logistics, as these should not be a barrier to building intellectual achievement and disseminating knowledge. In particular, we bring our expertise in managing relationships, opening doors between individuals, groups, and sectors, including the necessary documentation. We also aim to facilitate an interdisciplinary community of practice for academics to exchange and learn from each other.

We want to improve the skills that people already have and not dilute their efforts as they exist. It is important that we bring more people to engage into vital research themes.

Phil Cotton Vice Chancellor of the University of Rwanda

With proper planning good research can be conducted using limited resources… This is the capacity building we are talking about… if you need to leapfrog, you need to see where others have reached and build on that.

Dr. Marie-Christine Director of Science, Technology, and Research Rwanda Ministry of Education

Our Team

Yves is a professional career advisor focusing on talent development, coaching and counseling scholars and professionals with regards to their personal and career development. Yves holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oklahoma Christian University. He is also a Certified Career Direct Consultant with Crown Financial Ministries, through which he conducts assessments and offers personalized guidance on academic and career choices. His role in founding two companies attests to Yves' entrepreneurial spirit and capability. He co-founded both ELERwanda, which promotes entrepreneurship among youth, and Academic Bridge, Ltd., a software development firm. Yves currently serves as the chairman of Water Access Rwanda, a social enterprise that provides clean water to people in rural areas.

Bethany is an educationist specializing in international higher education and its connections with the world of work. Having taught communication skills, writing, and research in the United States, Senegal, and Rwanda, she designs curriculum which is participatory and content-based. Bethany has also written research briefs for the British Council: "Managing Large Systems" on higher education and "Building Effective UK-Africa University Partnerships: Perspectives from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa." Her latest project is collaborating on a global review of 21st century skills education. Bethany earned her M.A. from the University College London Institute of Education and her B.A. & teaching certificate from the University of Minnesota. She is currently Lead Teacher at the Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program.